What Do You Know About The Bioburden Testing?

What Do You Know About The Bioburden Testing?

In the lab, the technicians are divided into different teams to execute different routine testing. For me personally, I have been attached to the process water team since I joined the organization. Process water is among the most essential component used to make a sterilant that is used in the creation to soak our heart valves. As heart valves are implanted into the human body, it needs to be sterile. Therefore, we will immerse the heart valves at the sterilant and packed it in a jar to be sent out to hospitals for use in the operation between heart failure patients. There is a total of 3 members in the process water GroupMe senior and my manager. Being in a group has taught me to be a wonderful team player that is able to take initiative to assist whenever needed and to take care of issues in a solution oriented manner. Currently, we are doing a 3 month investigation project till November.

Bioburden Testing

The production division has brought in more process water tanks into the present process water space and our role is to check whether the process water is clean, within our specification until it is discharged to combine the sterilant used for production from the future. The form of testing we are doing is called bioburden testing. Bioburden is to gauge the total viable count of microorganisms found in process water. There are roughly 15 points to sample from the process water room. For each point, we will apply isopropyl alcohol IPA to the stage and flush for two minutes before sampling. IPA is a really common sterilant used in lab that serves as a disinfectant. We will collect 100ml of sample in a 250ml sterile jar and put it in the ice box during transport from the process water room to the lab. It is important that we keep the samples in an enclosed container since the dusts in the outside environment might impact the samples during transport. A few of the points are often very high up therefore for security reasons, it is suggested to go in pairs because we could take care of one another.

The most fundamental part of bioburden testing is to prepare the hood correctly. Included in microbiology testing, everything has to be carried out in a sterile environment. Hence testing is conducted in a Class 5 biological safety cabinet that is designed to give protection for the consumer and the item from particulate. The work area comes with positive pressure HEPA-filtered atmosphere to protect the product from contamination while an inward airflow protects the consumer. Bioburden is a sort of filtration testing that involves use of sterile filter cups to be attached to the sterile manifold. A sterile membrane filter paper is placed beneath the filter cup for filtration.

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