Take care of your EV’s battery and brakes

Take care of your EV’s battery and brakes

Electronic Vehicles is the future of transportation and that is why if you own one you need to take care of the most important aspect of EV: the battery. Let’s talk about the battery and brakes of EV. Click here for golf buggies australia.

How to take care of EV battery and brakes?

Below we will talk about taking care of EV’s battery and brakes.

The batteries

The batteries differ depending on whether it is an electric car or a gasoline car. Extended cycle batteries are used for electric carts, while an automotive battery is preferred in gasoline runningones. While batteries have a lot in common in terms of capacity, there are some notable differences in terms of their design. The battery of a gasoline cart is specially designed to power the starter, which cranks the engine, and which in turn recharges the battery so that it can power the accessories and the cart itself the next time it is used. For the best performance and longevity, keep the batteries clean to prevent corrosion and keep them moving as little as possible when riding. Visit this site for electric buggy australia.

Do not neglect the battery, which is the lifeblood of the vehicle. Charge them after each use and check the water level weekly. Use distilled water without overfilling the reservoir. These batteries are meant to be drained and recharged over and over again. Note that this type of battery expends more energy during acceleration.


When your loved ones are driving an electric car, reliable brakes are an asset that cannot be overstated. It is important to go through a checklist of components that should be inspected semi-annually to ensure they are functioning properly.

There are some things you can do yourself to ensure the longevity of your brakes. For example, just making sure tire inflation is kept at the manufacturer’s recommended level can help maximize the life of a car’s brakes.

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