When it comes to housing foreign workers for short- and fixed-term projects, serviced apartments have recently emerged as a competitive alternative to hotels and other types of lodging.

They are especially well-liked in Singapore for brief stays because they are less expensive than hotels while still providing the standard of service you would anticipate from your typical business hotel.

What are serviced apartments exactly, and why are business travelers drawn to them?

A serviced apartment is what?

2 bedroom serviced apartment singapore is a fully furnished residence that can be rented out both temporarily and permanently.

Like a hotel, it has daily amenities, housekeeping, and other services that are all included in the rental cost to make each visitor’s stay as comfortable as possible. The lease may also include taxes, utilities, and other fees.

Admittedly, outside of the corporate relocation and business travel sectors, the terms “serviced apartment” and “serviced residence” are hardly ever used. They have been readily available for a while on online booking sites, but they are rarely given their category.

Instead, they are categorized as “apartments” and kept with other standard hotel accommodations.

describing the allure of inexpensive serviced apartments

The appeal of serviced apartments is largely due to convenience as well as cost savings.

They allow for savings on room service or eating out while also providing in-room entertainment, making them particularly cost-effective for longer stays, employees traveling in teams, or employees bringing their families with them to Singapore.

A serviced apartment in a residential area also enables visitors to experience what it’s like to travel like a local, which is an invaluable travel experience.

If you’re a corporate relocation manager, a business travel manager, or an ex-pat moving to Singapore, a serviced apartment should have the following amenities and features:

  • a fully functional kitchen, including a dishwasher and a washer/dryer, or a kitchenette
  • Serviced apartments typically have one or more separate bedrooms and plenty of space. A serviced apartment will have separate areas in studio units for sleeping, cooking, and working from home.
  • a living room or space
  • a bathroom and a bath
  • a securing deposit box
  • A television (or multiple televisions), cable TV, wireless internet, and other cutting-edge in-room amenities like keyless entry
  • Every basic amenity (i.e. water and electricity)
  • cleaning service once per week. On request, more frequent Housekeeping services can be set up.
  • using an iron or a steamer for clothes
  • 24-hour hotline

Advantages and disadvantages of serviced apartments

Of course, you’re probably thinking that a serviced apartment sounds like any other hotel based on the services it offers.

However, several significant characteristics set serviced apartments apart.

  • private kitchen

The availability of a fully-equipped private kitchen, or, at the very least, a kitchenette, is perhaps the biggest benefit serviced apartments have over hotels.

For ex-pats working in Singapore, simply having the ability to prepare their meals can make all the difference in their ability to feel at home. It also means being able to prepare the meals they want, whenever they want, for ardent home cooks.

  • Personal space

Another element that may be a strong selling point for serviced apartments is privacy. In contrast to hotels, where cleaning staff would come by daily, most serviced apartments offer a weekly housekeeping service. This makes visitors feel more at ease while causing fewer interruptions.

  • lower prices

Serviced apartments are more appealing than hotels due to several important factors, including price. A serviced apartment usually costs less to rent than a hotel for lengthy stays (30 days or more).

The rates decrease with the length of stay for a variety of reasons, including:

-Compared to a hotel, less frequent housekeeping services

-The majority of serviced apartments lack a restaurant.

-The higher price is because hotels must include the cost of breakfast in their daily rate.

-Compared to hotels, serviced apartments typically have a smaller staff.

Business travelers prefer serviced apartments over hotels more and more often, especially those on long-term assignments. A serviced apartment is preferred over a hotel by 30% of business travelers to the UK for stays longer than 30 days, according to a study by serviced apartment platform Homelike.

According to the GSAIR 2018/2019, corporate travelers favor serviced apartments over hotels because of things like name recognition, traveler recommendations, convenience, and length of stay.

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