What Are The Various Types Of Workplace Discrimination Singapore

What Are The Various Types Of Workplace Discrimination Singapore

Various types of workplace discrimination singapore are:

  • Direct discrimination

Direct discrimination, also known as disparate treatment, occurs when a person treats or encourages another person to treat someone unfavorably due to their protected classes. It happens because of the stereotypes among society about the qualities and abilities of the people who are considered to be in protected classes.

Such stereotypes lead to untrue and unfair assumptions about what someone from a protected group is capable or incapable of doing. This form of discrimination is often obvious and intentional.

  • Indirect discrimination

Indirect discrimination, also known as disparate impact, is when a condition or a policy is imposed that tends to disadvantage a person or a protected group as a side effect. For instance, the implementation of the criteria for hiring that takes place to screen out minority group members or women tend to have a negative and disparate impact on the member of such groups.

  • Reverse discrimination

Title VII does not only prohibit discrimination against minority members or women but protects groups that are free from any discrimination, like Caucasians and men. In a historical reference, systems or programs that tend to correct the mistreatment of disadvantaged groups in previous times might discriminate against the advantaged groups.


Suppose an employment practice ends up negatively impacting a person that belongs to a protected group, even unintentionally or indirectly. In that case, it might be considered workplace discrimination singapore, and a person can be held responsible for such connected consequences.

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