Western Digital My Book Live – How to Choose the Best External Hard Drive for You?

Outer hard drives are the most helpful methods for putting away and moving information due to one significant bit of leeway – compactness. Around ten years back, you would have needed to convey information in CDs, floppy drives, or USB information stockpiling gadgets like the pen drive, or the glimmer drive with a most extreme limit of about 512MB.

At that point came DVDs which expanded the information conveying ability to about 5GB, until the most recent couple of years where we have seen USB stockpiling gadgets of limits up to 16GB. In any case, none of these organizations can coordinate the comfort of an outside hard drive, for example, the Western Digital My Book Live and you should exploit the adaptability that it offers.

There are numerous variables dependent on which these gadgets can be sorted. We should investigate some of them:


There are two sorts of hard drives – one is a strong state drives’ and the other is a hard circle derived. Presently, the principle contrast between the two is that an sad does not contain any moving parts and is completely reliant on central processor for data stockpiling though an had which SSD a little attractive plate which turns all together for the data to be perused and composed. On account of this pivoting plate, the head will in general warmth up quicker than the sad. It is handling speed is additionally more slow than the sad yet the distinction in speed is not so critical.

The sad is more costly than the hdd and because of the absence of moving parts it is additionally significantly more powerful and tough, anyway it has the restriction on the occasions it tends to be composed upon.


Capacity limits have expanded colossally over the most recent couple of years and are accessible with a base limit of 250GB, having middle limits of 320GB and 500GB, and afterward going up to an astounding 1TB and even 3TB.

Which stockpiling size you pick relies upon your utilization and prerequisites. Individuals utilizing information like word reports, bookkeeping pages, introductions, and so on would not need more than maybe 250-500GB. Anyway devoted downloader’s would run out of space in a couple of months thus would require something with altogether more stockpiling, maybe 1TB or 2TB.

You can pick between east External Serial Advanced Technology Attachment units and USB units, both utilize various advances to move information. Numerous individuals are of the assessment that eSATA drives have higher information move rates than USB drives. ESATA arranged drives have information move paces of around 157 MBps, which is around multiple times the exchange pace of USB 2.0 drive.However, eSATA ports are not found in numerous PCs while USB 2.0 ports are very general, as its name proposes. This may fill in as an obstruction in buying an eSATA hard drive.

USB 3.0 is presently the most recent expansion in the hardware market with hard drives utilizing USB 3.0 having information rates as high as 572 MBps. In any case, since a greater part of the PCs probably would not have moved up to USB 3.0, it probably would not be very useful right now, despite the fact that more current PCs are coming outfitted with USB 3.0 ports.

The most ideal choice right now is to choose a USB 3.0 outer hard drive as they are viable with USB 2.0 associations and when you update your equipment to a USB 3.0 association; you would then be able to appreciate the quicker information move speeds.