Stylish black boots for women 

Stylish black boots for women 

London Rag Asia is an online store that has an outstanding variety of clothing, shoes, and accessories. The style of the clothes is inspired by the English Royalty. One of its most popular products is boots. This product is very trendy. The online store has four types of boots which are ankle boots, heeled boots, Chelsea, and long boots. The most preferred color for boots is black.

How to style boots

There are various ways to style black boots for woman. The best and the most basic way to style black boots is with black jeans.

  • Look 1- wear a blazer and wear a Tee underneath, for bottoms, wear leather pants and boots,
  •  Look 2- wear a leather jacket pair it with a white tee underneath, for bottoms, wear jeans and boots,
  • Look 3- wear a chunky knit along with skinny jeans and boots,
  • Look 4- wear a cardigan along with the jeans and boots,
  • Look 5- wear a trench coat along with black pants and boots,
  • Look 6- wear an oversized sweater with mom jeans and boots.
  • Look 7- wear a midi dress layer it with a camel coat and boots.
  • Look 8- wear a sweater along with leather leggings and boots.

Tips for maintaining your boots:

  • Protect your boots from snow, rain, and spills.
  • Give your leather boots a spa to moisturize.
  • Repair snow or salt drips immediately.
  • Add a rubber sole to your boots.
  • Replace damaged heels asap.
  • Wipe your boots after every time you wear it.
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