Shipping Cartons

Shipping Cartons

Surprisingly, perhaps, the topic of shipping cartons can introduce a host of related issues. From a practical standpoint, the most important issue is the physical and technical requirements of the product. Chief among them undoubtedly is consideration for the shipping carton’s strength.

Shipping Cartons: Their Design and Use

The strength of a carton is very important–before it even leaves the facility of origin, it may have to travel along miles of conveyor belts. The carton may have a fall or a collision on the factory floor. In short, shipping cartons need to be able to withstand this comparatively rough journey prior to embarking on their transport mission.

The delivery expedition is even rougher and requires a shipping carton that will not break or rip as it holds the cargo safely inside. Generally these shipping cartons are constructed of corrugated cardboard. The design of the cartons is fairly uniform to facilitate storage or transport.

The final result is a representation of synthesized solutions uniting several departments. While the shipping carton is a celebration of packaging design, it is also another marketing vehicle. The shipping cartons may seem simple, but there has been a team of people involved in getting them to you. More than likely, this design team was guided by industry standards and customer needs. Increasingly, shippers are using software to help arrange and organize their pallets and shipping cartons, whether on ships or in warehouses. This new breed of software can generate arrangements for common sizes of cartons as well as custom sizes.

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