How to Deal With Client Questions as a Criminal Defense Attorney

How to Deal With Client Questions as a Criminal Defense Attorney

Any client that is facing criminal charges is going to have a massive list of questions that they are going to want to ask you once all has been said and is now out of the way. The reason behind this is that their life is on the line, which means that they are not going to want to leave anything at all to chance. Most of the questions they ask are going to be at least somewhat relevant to what you might be trying to do for them, but the thing to note here is that the answers to some of these questions might just leave your client even more unsettled than might have been the case otherwise.

What you need to try and do here is to assuage your client’s concerns by changing their train of thought. Show them the source of your legal knowledge and help them understand what it is that makes you so good at your job. The thing about legal cases is that you never know what is going to end up happening, which basically means that none of the answers you are going to be giving to your client are going to make them all that happy.

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There is no point to making them feel like they are not going to get the chance to see the light of day, so you might as well redirect their thoughts to what truly matters. You need to be subtle while avoiding their questions though because if you make it too obvious they are never going to end up trusting you no matter what else you say you are capable of doing on their behalf.

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