What are the requirements of Hong Kong Company formation?

What are the requirements of Hong Kong Company formation?

In the present time, Hong Kong is considered as the world’s top 3 financial centres internationally. Most of the banks, major financial institutions choo

se Hong Kong. The companies present in Hong Kong are highly reputed, renowned and are well regarded by the international partners of the business. That why many companies prefer to choose Hong Kong Company formation in the present time.

Some Hong Kong company formation requirements

If you want to have your business in Hong Kong, you should meet the requirement of Hong Kong for company formation. Here are some of the key guidelines which could help you to understand respective requirements for the company formation in HK-

  • Limited Liability
  • Public disclosure
  • Annual accounting as well as Auditing
  • Tax rate as well as tax benefits

How does one can know that their business or corporate need registry in HK?

If you are enterprise or an organization, which is engaged in the commercial, professional or the industrial activities, you will require HK corporate registry. The same thing is for the business which is involved in trade, craftsmanship or any other type of profession which works to produce as well as sells god and service for the profit.

Also, any local or overseas company with having an established place for business in HK, regardless of being whether these companies are conducting any business or not, need to have a business registry in HK.

If you have a want to open a business in HK, you need to meet some requirements for it, and also after opening a business there, you need to have its registration. Otherwise, you can face problem in future.

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