Top reasons to give gifts to your customers

Top reasons to give gifts to your customers

Do you want to increase the sales of your company? Do you know what is the cheapest way to be remembered? A gift. It is true that a letter is a cheap way to be remembered, but pens or fans will always be more useful as business gifts than a WhatsApp message, right? I want to talk to you about that today.These are thereasons why in my opinion why companies should give gifts to their customers. Click here for custom desk calendar.

Top reasons to give gifts to your customers

Create a feeling of gratitude

When someone receives a gift, they unconsciously have the need to reciprocate it in some way. For example: when we are invited to dinner at someone’s house, going empty-handed is considered rude. We usually bring a bottle of wine or some cakes. It is something innate in the human being.

If a client receives a gift from you, no matter how small, it is likely that he will “see you with better eyes” and reward you, for example, with his loyalty. Visit this site for custom design services.

Serves as a reminder of a “need”

There are things that we need and others that are expendable. Your company can offer a product or service that is expendable (for example a comic shop or a spa) and that the customer only consumes when agreed. Who hasn’t bought batteries at the supermarket simply because they were strategically located at the checkout line? it’s good to get our gift (and our logo) into our clients’ homes.

It is not an expense, it is an investment

The simple fact that all the money invested is more than recovered should suffice as an argument for companies to give gifts.

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