The Need for More Aggressive Investigation and Prosecution of Cyber Stalkers

The Need for More Aggressive Investigation and Prosecution of Cyber Stalkers

In the event That you have not been the survivor of a cyber stalker you likely only assume that if a crazed cyber menace actually aims you all you have got to do is create a simple police record along with the wrongdoing will be investigated and indicted. Nothing could be farther from reality and nobody understands this better than casualties of cyber stalkers and the private investigators they recruit to find and establish the stalkers.

Unfortunately The casualties of such violations understand all too well that after making a police report that the sad reality is that nothing ever comes of it. The insider threat investigator patrolman that appear to take the first report do not believe it to be a real threat. They will propose the casualty turn their computer off, overlook the stalking, and erase the mails unread. These officers are accustomed to seeing homes on aggressive behavior at home calls and burglaries and they just do not understand the effect cyber stalking and bullying has on the people in question.

It is a twofold edged blade. Large urban police departments will have computer wrongdoing units. They have trained private; they have the software, the tools and the training. However they are overloaded with cases and may just expend time on real threats and big money wrongdoings. Many occasions quite a bit of the efforts will be in support of homicide investigation or big medication cases or coordinated wrongdoing indictments.

While small Town authorities departs will not have the essential training, equipment or software to perform even the most basic of computer wrongdoing incident response services hong kong. They routinely send their computer out violations to outside venders and will not spend that type of recourses on which they might consider an insignificant only harassment investigation. .

This is the Reason nearly all cyber stalking casualties will retain the services of private investigators to perform all first leg work to find and identify the stalker. Then reduce that investigation into a report which may be gone over to local law enforcement. Sometimes the private investigator is going to be called to testify yet many times the local authorities can replicate the means of this investigation and the PI will not be required in court. The real Answer for this problem is reclassify all computer violations as Federal wrongdoings, then these investigations could be dealt with routinely in one central place. Casualties would not be dependent upon the impulses or funding constraints of local law enforcement agencies.

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